Education Committee members Jane Koszoru and Margery Marcus presented research on the teacher evaluation system at the LWV’s Board meeting March 21, 2016.

Their data reveal that 5.1 percent of Broward’s teachers are rated Highly Effective as compared to 43.6% of teachers in Palm Beach County and 81.2% of teachers in Orange County, districts using the same evaluation model.

Broward ranks 55 out of 60 reporting districts in the state in its numbers of Highly Effective teachers.

Continued collection and updating of data may shed light on the reasons for the discrepancy in numbers, and determine whether further action is appropriate.

Studying the teacher-evaluation system  would become a priority along with these four long-time action issues regarding education:

  •  Support for concurrency.
  • Support for accountability for capital expenditures.
  • Support for local solutions which involve the school’s entire community.
  •  Support for public/private partnerships.