2017-2018 Action Issues



  • To increase voter turnout and voter education by providing enhanced nonpartisan Voter Services to include, but not limited to, voter registration, information on ballot issues, candidates, other voting issues and the use of various media including VOTE411.
  • Establish and publicize a Clearinghouse for Candidate Forums.
  • Action to Eliminate Voter Suppression, and Action to Restore Voting Rights for Ex-Felons (Per LWVF Positions).


  • Support of the Broward County Charter.
  • Support of Charter changes to provide for an elected county executive, appointed county administrator, single-member districts and an increase in the number of commission seats based on future needs.


  • Support of acquisition, development, and management of park lands, greenways and open spaces.
  • Support of criteria for any commercialization in public parks.
  • Monitor and support the conservation of Water and Water Resource Areas, including Everglades Restoration.
  • Support development and implementation of a regional climate change action plan for Southeast Florida, including emphasis on encouraging use of Solar and other alternative energy sources.


  • Support of the county-wide system.
  • Support Friends of Library groups


  • Support of an independent taxing district in Broward County to fund children’s services pursuant to FL statutes 125.901 and monitor the Children’s Services Council.
  • Monitor the implementation and functioning of the privatization of the foster care system.
  • Advocate and support effective and efficient services for Broward County children.


  • Support for concurrency; for accountability for capital expenditures; for local solutions which involve the school’s entire community and for public/private partnerships.
  • Action in support of Accountability for Charter Schools, (per LWVF position.)


  • Advocate for global, national and state population stabilization and sustainability of resources.
  • Support the safe rescue and rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking and the education of the public about this issue.

WOMEN’S ISSUES (Per LWVF and LWVUS positions):

  • Support equal opportunity, equal pay for equal work, and all equal rights for women.
  • Actively support Pro-Choice Coalition and Floridians for Reproductive Freedom

GUN SAFETY (Per LWVF and LWVUS positions):

  • Actively support local governments in efforts to promote gun safety
  • Support efforts to educate Broward residents on gun safety issues.


Local Program for the LWV of Broward County is chosen each year by League members at the Annual Meeting in April. Program topics are suggested by members, submitted to all members 30 days before the Annual Meeting, discussed and then adopted. Please see LWVUS – Impact on Issues 2016-2018 and LWVF – Study and Action 2017-2019 for further information on National and State League Programs.