Throughout the hearings of the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission, League members spoke out against Proposal 22, which would have limited the right to privacy guaranteed in the state constitution.

Those voices were heard and the proposal is now officially dead.

LWV Broward Co-President Joanne Aye thanked League members for their action: “Thank you to everyone who spoke against prop 22 at the February CRC hearing (despite being admonished not to!), wore Handmaid costumes, sent countless emails and made endless calls to the commissioners. This would not have happened without your efforts.”

“To Linda Bloomfield , Kathy Schauer, Maggie Davidson, Joanne Sterner, Rosa Valderrama: A very special thanks for being our point people and Pro Choice Coalition partners,” Aye said.

In the hearing March 21, a motion to bring the proposal to the commission floor despite its rejection by a committee, ended with the sponsor ultimately withdrawing the proposal from further consideration, and thus it cannot be revived again, explained the Florida ACLU.

ACLU of Florida Executive Director Howard Simon stated: “The broad Florida constitutional right to privacy is still safe – perhaps for 20 years, until the next Constitution Revision Commission.

“Proposal 22 was always about tampering with Floridians’ right of privacy in order to open the door for further legislative restrictions on Florida women’s right to access a safe and legal abortion,” Simon said.

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