By Myriam C. Vélez Baldwin

On Wednesday March 14, 2018, League member Katy Syed and I were invited to attend a tribute to 12 extraordinary women from the city of Lauderhill.  Among these remarkable women was our friend Mary Russ-Milligan, who recently joined the LWV of Broward County.

Mary Russ-Milligan

Mary Russ-Milligan

The event took place at the Lauderhill Performing Arts Center.   Both Katy and I had not visited this location before and were impressed by the site. We found that the set up was done to perfection. The beautiful table decorations, the excellent food and the soothing music of an accomplished saxophonist kept all happy.  However, the shiniest lights were the ones coming from Mary and the other honorees.  These women are really inspiring; their leadership and contribution to the community an example to all.

The list of achievements and community involvement of our League member, Mary Russ- Milligan, is too long to mention.   Some highlights: Her professional career includes been an executive secretary, a payroll clerk and an entrepreneur.  However, she is most proud of the work she has done as a community activist and organizer.  Mary has a special ability to unite people from all walks of life, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Her most recent Signature Event was September 2017, organized Broward Estates St. George Annual Peace Walk Unity Celebration

Mary is a member of the Lauderhill Art Culture and Tourism Board.  She is also active with many organizations that work for the betterment of the community such as the Northwest Federated Women Club of Broward County, the National Association for Colored People among many others.

Interesting facts about Mary: She has been a resident of Lauderhill for 33 years; she is a widow, and has a twin sister. Because she is not busy enough, in her spare time she is writing her first book, “Florida Sunshine Lady”.

Katy and I were privileged to be invited to celebrate with Mary.   Her dynamic personality and leadership abilities will make her a valuable member of the LWV of Broward County.

Katy Syed,  Vice Mayor Howard Berger, Mary Russ-Milligan and Myriam C. Vélez-Baldwin at Lauderhill event.

Katy Syed, Vice Mayor Howard Berger, Mary Russ-Milligan and Myriam C. Vélez-Baldwin at Lauderhill event.


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