The proposal by the Kanter Real Estate Company to drill for oil in the Everglades in Broward County was denied by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection but is now in the appeals court.  The League of Women Voters joins with other groups and municipalities to ask the court to deny this appeal.  Drilling for oil in the Everglades endangers our water supply and the delicate Everglades system.  The City of Miramar has filed an amicus brief with the court and our state League is looking into doing the same.


A huge fracked gas plant has been proposed by FPL in Dania Beach. Environmentalists feel the cost is great, the need has not been demonstrated, and that renewable energy is preferable.  The Public Service Commission will hear from the Sierra Club on this on January 17 in Tallahassee.  The League is in support of the effort to deny this proposal. You can contact the Public Service Commission to object.

The email address is contact@psc.state.fl.us or call the commissioners – Commissioner Clark 850-413-6038, Commissioner Brown 850-413-6042, Commissioner Graham 850-413-6040 and Commissioner Polmann850-413-6044.


Recycling in Broward is down and landfilling of trash is up.  This is a disturbing trend.  With waste contracts up in June, the County and municipalities are in the process of negotiating with contractors. The League is looking into making recommendations for these contracts to help encourage more recycling.

Some of our local grocery stores offer rebates if you bring your own bags to their stores.  How can we get Publix and other stores to minimize or eliminate plastic bags?  We can all contact these businesses and encourage them to better incentivize getting away from plastic which is polluting our environment.


Stay tuned for action calls in support or opposition to bills proposed in the Florida Legislature which starts its session in just a few days.  One bill of great concern is SB574 which would allow the state control over all tree trimming in the state overriding local efforts to retain and increase our tree canopy.  Write or call your Florida state senator to apply pressure so this doesn’t get out of committee.

The League supports a ban on fracking in Florida, full funding of Florida Foreverto purchase environmentally sensitive lands and other efforts to protect our environment.

If you want to work on any of these issues or receive emails please contact me.

Stephanie Pearson
Environmental Chair, League of Women Voters of Broward County

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