By Linda Bloomfield
Women’s Issues Chairperson

FL House Bill 41 and SB 444:  Crisis Pregnancy Center support Bill (oppose) “Pregnancy Support and Wellness Services” has passed through committee in both the House & Senate and we anticipate an early 2018 attempt to get it passed.  It’s important you post this information on your social media pages and encourage everyone to write, write, write and call, call, call your representatives to tell them to vote NO on this bill.  These are YOUR tax dollars being used to support pregnancy services only.  No information and/or education about birth control and/or abortion.

Comprehensive Sex Education Bill:  This is a possible future bill legislating comprehensive sex education.  It is under development by a number of persons from several Women’s Rights organizations.  They are looking for anyone interested in contributing ideas and time to developing this possible legislative act.

Constitutional Revision Commission CRC – Some good news and some more good news. First, Tuesday’s meeting of the Constitution Revision Commission’s Declaration of Rights Committee temporarily postponed a decision about changing the Florida constitution’s language regarding right to privacy.    Secondly, the Commission will be holding open forums around the State and will be in Broward county on February 6 at Nova Southeastern University, time and campus location TBA. Please mark your calendars now for this event. The anti-choice voices are loud and consistent at these public forums so we need to make ourselves heard, as well

Federal Legislation/Policy/Issues:   So much to say about this new tax bill but needing immediate attention is the “personhood” issue introduced in the Senate version.  Granting ‘personhood’ to the embryo means anyone performing or having an abortion is committing murder to a ‘person’.  This cannot stand.  Write, call, email now.

Local Women’s March: One of the organizations is looking at a march in Miami sometime in January or February.  Part of the plan is for the marchers to wear the caps and capes of the Handmaid’s Resistance.  Also, spread the word as others may want to be there, too.

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