By Stephanie Pearson
Vice President, League of Women Voters of Broward

We had a small group that met on October 13 to discuss League activities and committees.  Many thanks to Bradette Jepsen and Laura Simon for attending and speaking about Gun Safety and Voter Service.

Bradette outlined the goals of the Gun Safety Committee which include a ban on assault weapons, universal background checks, and fighting egregious proposals such as open carry.  The League is part of the Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence.  The Gun Safety Committee has been very visible on this issue.  Several cities have passed proclamations of support for League gun safety positions and it is expected that Broward County will issue such a proclamation next month.  Bradette appeared on This Week in South Florida with Michael Putney and debated an NRA representative.  She was not intimidated!  Bradette can be reached at

Laura talked about her group’s efforts to conduct voter registration at various community and League events including working to get petition signatures for the Say Yes to Second Chances petition drive.  She urged everyone to take the voter registration test online and to volunteer to help.  Even if you are not certified to register voters help is always needed at League and community events.  Laura’s email is

We discussed the League’s education positions – specifically the League’s position on Charter Schools and the recently passed state law that restricts the oversight of charter schools and forces districts to share construction dollars with charters.  This law is a step toward a second private system of education paid with taxpayer funds.  The Coral Springs Charter School is city owned but is managed by a for-profit management company. Contact Janie Koszoru at for more information

The Environmental Issues Committee sponsored two meetings this year – on water and recently on sea level rise.  We would like to follow -up with action.  We will be working during the legislative session on efforts to promote solar energy, protect our water quality and quantity, fund the Florida Forever land acquisition trust fund, and support Everglades restoration.

The issue of recycling in Coral Springs was discussed.  We could take this on as a unit project.  What is the program now?  Are businesses included?  Should recycling be made mandatory?  Are new residents being educated?  Are infractions being identified and are we reeducating?  Our landfills are continuing to grow.  Please contact Stephanie Pearson if you are interested in pursuing this topic or any other environmental issue.

We also mentioned the Women’s Issues Committee and Juvenile Justice Committee which are monitoring proposed legislation.  The League is working with other groups on both issues.  Linda Bloomfield is chairing the Women’s Issues Committee and Julie Morrall is working on Juvenile Justice.

You can keep up with all these activities here at our website and by contacting the committee chairs to help, and following action alerts once the Florida legislature begins the session in January.

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