Join Climate Change Compact – work with neighboring counties, cities, universities, and government groups – research and cooperation.

Help the developing world establish green energy systems.

Adapt existing housing and restrict development in vulnerable areas including incentives to relocate buildings from vulnerable areas.

Support research into sea level rise, and mitigation and adaptation solutions.

Use hard and soft defenses – hard defenses such as seawalls help but deflect wave energy; soft defenses such as salt marshes and mangroves to help absorb wave energy and increase elevation

Update building codes to reflect projected sea level rise.

Install pump systems, where necessary, to help mitigate flooding.

Explore new technology to reduce area of impervious surfaces such as porous pavement.

Create water catchment areas, rain gardens, bioswales, to collect water.

Include sea level rise in comprehensive plans and land use plans.

Educate the public on the vulnerabilities and risks of sea level rise.

Educate the public on energy efficiency and water conservation.

Encourage an activist public including an educated voter.

Incentivize renewable energy.

Promote energy efficient (green) buildings.

Promote environmental education in schools.

Discourage deforestation and plant trees to increase evapotranspiration.

Complete Everglades Restoration to send more water south to Everglades



Learn your individual risk to sea level rise, and how you might mitigate such risks.

Conserve water which helps mitigate salt water intrusion and sea level rise.

Make your home energy efficient which reduces your carbon footprint.

Drive less and/or use transportation that doesn’t use fossil fuels.  Make an attempt to change your habits once per week, at first.

Convert to rooftop solar.

Use landscaping that requires less water.

Create swales to retain water during rain events and reduce flooded streets.

Advocate for environmental policy to government officials.

Educate your community including letters to the editor and join organized groups.

Vote for environmentally conscious candidates for office.

The four most effective actions individuals can take according to a recent study:

Have one fewer child, eat a plant based diet, live car free, avoid airplane travel.

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