Voting Rights Town Hall

Voting Rights Town Hall

Mark your calendar for 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 4. We're partnering with Floridians for a Fair Democracy on an event highlighting our work to get voting rights on the ballot in 2018. It will be at 1033 NE 6th St. in Fort Lauderdale -- and we hear Ben and Jerry's is providing refreshments. Details TBA. We need volunteers!
Oct 28: Can you volunteer?

Oct 28: Can you volunteer?

On Saturday, Oct. 28, we have two good opportunities to register voters and ask people to sign Second Chances petitions to restore voter rights -- Make A Difference Day in Fort Lauderdale and a large PTA event in Sunrise. Can you help? Contact Katy Syed at (954)918-9944, text, or email her (


At last: Online voter registration is here

As of Oct. 1, Florida residents can register to vote online., the website for the online voter registration, is offered in English and Spanish.

To register online, you need a drivers license or state-issued ID because the signature is gathered electronically from the driver’s license. (If an applicant has neither, he or she can print out the application, sign it and mail it in.)

In addition to the basic information, the following information is needed to answer the questions on the form:

  • Driver’s license number plus date license was issued.
  • Last four digits of the applicant’s social security number.
  • If the applicant does not have that information, the regular form must be used signed and
    returned to the SOE office in person or by mail.

You can also use the form to update a change of address or a change in party affiliation.

The process of registering takes about five to 10 minutes, with the biggest challenge being entering complex street addresses in a way that they are recognized.

At the meeting of the Broward Delegation on Oct. 18, Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes said about 300 people in Broward County had registered to vote online since the service was offered Oct. 1.

Guest speaker Keren Prize Bolter, League Environmental Chair Stephanie Pearson and speaker Michael Antinelli at the Sea Level Rise forum Oct. 11.

Guest speaker Keren Prize Bolter, League Environmental Chair Stephanie Pearson and speaker Michael Antinelli at the Sea Level Rise forum Oct. 11.

Full house hears speaker at League forum on sea level rise

The library had to bring out extra chairs as more than 80 people gathered to hear what Broward County can expect from sea level rise at a forum co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Broward County and Women’s March on Oct. 11.

After a weekend when many people in Broward had experienced flooding due to king tides, climate scientests Keren Prize Bolter, Ph.D. and Michael Antinelli, explained that such flooding will become more common and more widespread in the coming years and decades due to rising sea levels.

“In 10 or 15 years, that could be happening every day during high tide,” Bolter said.

About 80 people attended the Sea Level Rise program at West Regional Library on Oct. 11.

About 80 people attended the Sea Level Rise program at West Regional Library on Oct. 11.


Bolter described it as “creeping change that is happening slowly over time” but is likely to reach a tipping point, That point, when sea level rise becomes a crisis, is hard to predict but could be due to a hurricane or a financial problem like the insurance market or an event we cannot anticipate.

Guest speakers Keren Prize Bolter andMichael Antinelli talk to attendees at the Sea Level Rise forum.

Guest speakers Keren Prize Bolter and Michael Antinelli talk to attendees at the Sea Level Rise forum.

Both speakers talked about the importance of individuals and communities taking the issue seriously and communicating ther concern about with their elected officials.

Bolter’s talk is available on video at the League’s Facebook page.

To join the League’s environmental team, contact Stephanie Pearson 954-328-5927.

Voice your view by Oct. 27: US health agency plan changes wording to say ‘life begins at conception’

The Department of Health and Human Services has issued its draft strategic plan which includes a disturbing reframing of its mission that could impact access to reproductive healthcare for millions of American women.

The new plan includes defining life as “beginning with conception” and explicitly protecting religious or moral convictions. Read more here  and submit your comment on this plan by email to by Oct. 27.



Mosqutio repellent for Puerto Rico

Mosqutio repellent for Puerto Rico

Mission accomplished: Member sends boxes of mosquito spray to Puerto Rico

League member  Myriam Velez managed to get three boxes with 12 dozens bottles of mosquito repellent shipped to Puerto Rico.

Working with the Puerto Rico Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Broward and thanks to a generous store manager, Velez accomplished it all in a week. Read her story here.

Mayor Barbara Sharief  supports ‘Second Chance’ campaign and joins League

Barbara Markley, Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief, Katy Syed

Barbara Markley Venkataraman, Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief, Katy Syed

League members Barbara Markley Venkataraman and Katy Syed met with Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief, seeking help in identifying events and locations for the Second Chances campaign — the petition drive to return voting rights to people with past felony convictions.

Sharief not only agreed to help with the campaign, she joined the Broward League at the Susan B. Anthony level.

Sharief is a county commission elected from South Broward and gave the welcome address in June at the Florida League’s convention in Fort Lauderdale.

Markley approached Sharief after seeing the benefit in working at events attended by County Commissioner Dale Holness, who represents Central Broward. Holness shares his calendar of community events with the Second Chances campaign and League volunteers have been effective in gathering support at these events.

jazz brunch collageLeague volunteers collecting Second Chances signatures at Fort Lauderdale Jazz Brunch. Volunteers collected 35 signatures and were lucky to get a waterfront tent and table (from event organizers) as their base.

Big push to get signatures for voting rights

Here are October events where League members will collect signatures for a ballot initiative to return voting rights to people with felony convictions in their past. This initiative, called “Second Chances,” has until December to gather signatures to get on the 2018 ballot. Join us!

Call Katy Syed at (954)918-9944, text, or email her ( for more information or to sign u

Saturday, Oct. 21: LWVBC Board Meeting 
Saturday, Oct. 28: PTA Training, Piper High School, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.
                      Need MANY volunteers from 8-11 a.m. and from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
Saturday, Oct. 28: MSCJ Make A Difference Day, 8:30 a.m. – noon, Provident Park, 1412 NW 6th St., Ft Lauderdale, 33311
Tuesday, Nov.14: Gun Safety Presentation, Coconut Creek Democratic Club, 7:30 p.m.,
Coconut Creek Community Center, 1100 Lyons Rd, Coconut Creek 33063

Welcome new members!

The League of Women Voters Broward County welcomes four new members.  Encourage your friends and family to join us in our important work in Making Democracy Work, and help us welcome these new members:
Eva Hayward, Pembroke Pines
Michael Hutton, Pembroke Pines
Jennifer Cruise, Fort Lauderdale
Heather Hasandras, Pembroke Pines