Vote411: Comprehensive nonpartisan voters' guide

Vote411: Comprehensive nonpartisan voters' guide is a unique interactive voters' guide that provides candidate and pro/con ballot information.  
Like planning events?

Like planning events?

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Group of students and League members gather to watch the Rubio-Murphy debate at Broward College Oct. 26.

Students and League members gather to watch the Senate Debate between Marco Rubio and Patrick Murphy at Broward College Oct. 26. Co-sponsored by Broward College and LWVBC, the event was organized by the Social and Behavioral Science Department and hosted by League member and Broward College Professor Nora Ayala.

In Florida, we know every vote counts

With so much at stake, League volunteers have been on the front line– registering, informing and encouraging voters throughout the county; holding as many as three events a day in this critical period leading up to the election.  A message from chapter president Jocelyn Carter-Miller.

Vote411newVote411 is a powerful tool: Use it and tell others

The League’s online nonpartisan voters’ guide is chock full of voting and candidate information.

To use it, enter your address and get information right down to your precinct.  The system provides you with information on candidates running in your districts so you can print or email to yourself your personalized sample ballot.

Please mention on your Facebook pages and tweet often. Try it out.

Here’s more information about what Vote411 offers.

Extra week of voter registration had dramatic impact

When the deadline for voter registration was extended by a week because of Hurricane Matthew, thousands of Floridians took advantage, according to a report in the Miami Herald.  Data suggests there are potentially 63,596 more voters. Read more.

 How to make a difference before Election Day

We are down to the wire, and there is a lot we can accomplish in these last few weeks before Election Day. Here’s what we can do, according to Laura Simon, voter service chair. 

Spread the word: Ask people you know to commit to vote.

Early Voting

  • Oct. 24 through Nov 6 at 21 locations around Broward. Polls open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Vote By Mail

  • If you still need a ballot, call 954-357-7055 or use website:

Election Day

  • At your precinct, Nov. 8. Polls open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; bring an approved ID with your picture and signature.

Vote no on Big Utility’s Amendment 1

The Florida League is among a  coalition of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, free market advocates, solar industry reps and non-partisan advocacy groups that have joined together to launch a citizen-led “Vote No On 1” campaign explaining that “Amendment 1 Blocks the Sun.” Learn more about the solar amendment on November’s ballot.